Finding Kansas - Decoding the Enigma of Asperger's Syndrome
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“Finding Kansas is a memoir like no other, written by an unlikely author who at first never dreamed he would find even one reader. When he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at age 20, Aaron Likens began to collect his thoughts and experiences on paper. In the midst of suffering he found hope.”

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    I’ve wanted to race since I was three years old. That’s “PLAN A” for my life. There is no “PLAN B.”
   That’s what I always thought until I realized that last year’s winner at Indy, or Daytona probably won’t change a life today.
   I believe that by raising awareness of early intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders lives will be changed. That’s “PLAN A” for my life today.

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ON LEFT: Aaron with Dr. Temple Grandin. Her first book, Emergence Labeled Autistic, is considered one of the classic books in the field and is must reading for everyone involved with autistic children.


Living With Asperger’s Syndrome
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View the presentation that has changed lives, families, teachers, and doctors. 88 minutes with question and answers. A presentation you will never forget.


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Aaron Likens, author of Finding Kansas and Autism Ambassador of TouchPoint Autism Services, St. Louis, MO


Finding Kansas: Living and

Decoding Asperger's Syndrome 

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“Thank you Aaron for sharing your mind, thoughts, trials and tribulations with the world. Through your writings, I feel as though I finally understand what my 30 year old son with Asperger's has been trying to tell me forever. I finally get to understand. You are an amazing man with a fantastic gift for writing.”

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USAAA 2010 World Conference October 1-3, St. Louis, MO

In October 2010 I was on a panel discussion with Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Daniel Shore, and Dr. Michael McManmon about Self Advocacy. Here is part of my comments. This is a sample of what you will find of my presentation DVD.


Following is an excerpt from “Finding Kansas: Living With and Decoding Asperger’s Syndrome.” Aaron was diagnosed at the age of 20 with Asperger’s Syndrom. Since that time he has written a new book that will change how educators, parents, therapist, and doctors view this Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Title Chapter from “Finding Kansas.”

Just a note from Dad... This piece is one of the most significant in this book. It is so significant that some professionals at one of America's top autism organization have adopted Aaron's definitions of a Situational Handicap.

Finding Kansas: The Situational Handicap51xu8UQ4mKL._SS500_

Some people who know me and know that I have Asperger’s think that there’s nothing wrong with me. These people, however, only see me in certain situations and have no idea how paralyzed I can be in some situations. This can be very aggravating because I know something isn’t perfect with me, but when I hear such remarks as, “Oh, you’re fine,” or “I can’t see how you have that at all,” it really bothers me.

To make a good example, let’s say a person is paralyzed. However, for reasons unknown, this person is perfectly fine anytime they are in the state of Kansas. If you saw this person while in Kansas you’d flat out tell them, “Hey, you’re not paralyzed!” At the time this comment would be true, but to the person, they know that the second they leave the state they are paralyzed again.

Now this person, knowing the magic of Kansas, would probably sell his home in whatever state he’s in and move to Kansas so he would not be paralyzed. This is exactly how I try to be in life in regards to finding my Kansas. MORE


d_200704_logo-interiorAaron was featured in the Jan. 9, 2009 issue of e-Speaks, Autism Speaks online newsletter. To read the story about how he was the Chief Start/Flagman of the largest kart race in America: CLICK HERE

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